Applications are open for an off-the-grid artist residency on the Isle of Eigg.

February 2023

Adding wearable hair into the wintery mix.

December 2022

An anti-social. This Tuesday 12.20 in NYC.

October 2022

Jocelyn Nicole Johnson, author of My Monticello, the acclaimed debut short story collection. Watch now (29 min) | Bushwick Book Club Presents A Live Show of New Original Songs And Art Celebrating the Critically Acclaimed Debut of Author Jocelyn…

September 2022

For real. Become a postmistress in an antique apple orchard accessible only by ferry in remote Washington State USA.

July 2022

Introducing: Conversational Copyright (©© 2022 by Hermette Magazine)

May 2022

News for the modern recluse.
The first-ever gathering of Hermettes at Dixon Place was recorded by an anonymous source. This is that secret recording.

March 2022

by Risa Mickenberg
by Risa Mickenberg, Editor Hermette Magazine

July 2020

by Risa Mickenberg

May 2020

The new feminine ideal!